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Pathways to Success

Connecting Learning to College and Careers

Since 2018, Hoosac Valley High School has been building on the approach that educational/career pathways are the best way to engage students and to challenge them to participate in experiential learning outside the classroom - either in fields that already interest them or in fields that expose them to a variety of opportunities.

HVHS has been guiding students toward college and career exploration beyond high school. The data we collect from our students year-to-year is the driving force behind the pathway offerings:

  1. Science Exploration
  2. Mass Communication and the Arts, and
  3. Human Services

The goal is to create work study and/or internship opportunities for students by the time they are seniors – and in some cases, juniors. They will leave campus to explore what our community has to offer. We are encouraging hands-on experience for all our Hurricanes, while earning graduation credits and in some cases a paycheck.

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Click below to view/download the presentation on our Pathways programs.

Pathways to Success