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We are a Pathway High School

Since 2018, Hoosac Valley High School has been building on the approach that educational/career pathways are the best way to engage students and to challenge them to participate in experiential learning outside the classroom – either in fields that already interest them or in fields that expose them to a variety of opportunities.

In 2023, HVHS was designated an Innovations Pathway High School by the state. As such, we will be receiving resources from the state to plan and support creative scheduling, course development, and internship opportunities for our students.

These are our Pathways:

• Arts & Entertainment
• Biomedical Science & Healthcare
• Business & Entrepreneurship
• Education
• Engineering & Technology
• Environmental Studies
• Sports Medicine, Health & Wellness

Pathways – Arts & Entertainment

Arts & Entertainment

• Band
• Theater
• Pop Culture
• Intro to American Music
• Digital Photo
• Graphic Design
• Timber Framing
• Eye of the Hurricane
• Ceramics
• 3D Design
• 2D Design
• AP Studio Art
• Latin American Music
• Jazz Band
• Music Theory
• Music Production & Engineering

EXPLORE CAREERS IN: Acting, choreography, music management/production, multimedia art/animation, gallery assistant, screen printing, graphic design, floral design, woodworking, photography, museum curating, tattoo art, interior design, music/art education, event planning, journalism, creative direction


Pathway: Biomedical Science & Healthcare

Biomedical Science & Healthcare

• Introduction to STEM/Engineering
• Introduction to Healthcare
• Medical Terminology
• Principles of Biomedical Science
• Human Body Systems
• Medical Interventions

EXPLORE CAREERS IN: Medicine, dentistry, law, osteopathic medicine, physician assistant, pharmacy, physical therapy, veterinary medicine, nurse practitioner, occupational therapy, exercise therapy, optometry, podiatry, chiropractic medicine, forensics

COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Berkshire Health Systems, Adams EMT

Pathways: Business & Entrepreneurship

Business & Entrepreneurship

• Global Citizenship
• Current Events
• American Political Systems
• Personal Finance
• Intro to Business
• Computer Applications

EXPLORE CAREERS IN: Business management, finance management, financial analysis, chief executive officer, small business entrepreneurship, scalable start-up entrepreneurship, large company entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, human resources management, recruitment and placement, tax examination, bookkeeping, hotel management, travel agency, resort management, project management, information technology management, campaign management, grant writing

COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Pro Adams, Adams Community Bank

Pathways: Education


• Adolescent Development
• Abnormal Psychology
• Psychology
• Gender Studies
• CPR Certification
• Nutrition
• Intro to Teaching

EXPLORE CAREERS IN: Instructional coordinator, special education coordinator, school counselor, education administrator, K-12 teacher, librarian, health educator, sports coach, academic dean, college professor, camp director, lifestyle coach, school psychologist, tutor, school principal

Pathway: Engineering & Technology

Engineering & Technology

• Physics
• Engineering
• Intro to Computer Science
• 3D Printing
• Timber Framing
• Computer Applications

EXPLORE CAREERS IN: Computer and information systems management, industrial production management, information security analysis, database administration, industrial engineering, manufacturing management, operations research analytics, logistics, electrical, robotics, mechanical, automotive, production, chemical, civil, computer engineering

Pathways: Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies

• Outdoor Leadership
• Conservation and Stewardship
• Food Systems Science
• Environmental Sustainability

EXPLORE CAREERS IN: Agricultural science, environmental consulting, air pollution analysis, natural resource management, recycling, environmental education, natural conservation officer, environmental engineering, meteorology, zoology, epidemiology, biomedical engineering, genetic counseling, biochemistry, biophysics


Pathways: Sports Medicine, Health & Wellness

Sports Medicine, Health & Wellness

• Health
• A&P
• Biology
• Human Body Systems
• Adolescent Development
• Abnormal Psychology
• Psychology
• Gender Studies
• Digital Marketing & Communication
• EMT Training
• CPR Certification
• Medical Detectives

EXPLORE CAREERS IN: Exercise physiology, athletic training, orthopedic nursing, kinesiotherapy, physical therapy, sports psychology, sports medicine, physiatry, orthopedic surgery, physician, strength and conditioning, respiratory therapy, wellness coordination, dermatology, community health, nutrition, physical education, social work, x-ray technician, nursing, chiropractor, clinical liaison, MRI technician, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine technology, physician assistant, health/medical writer

MassHire Berkshire Career Center

Hoosac Valley Regional School District is a proud partner of MassHire Berkshire Career Center. We'd like to thank them for their continued support and aid in assisting us in making meaningful and rewarding internship placements in various career paths.