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Resource Center

The Susan B. Anthony Resource Center, the library at Hoosac Valley High School, houses our collection of books, periodicals, and educational material for student and faculty use.

The Resource Center is automated with an electronic catalog. During the day, students can visit the library independently on a pass out of study hall or during class time when reserved by their teacher.

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Students may use the Resource Center on the following terms:

  1. Students must sign out of study hall with a dated pass from a subject teacher and must remain in the Resource Center for the entire period. All students must sign-in on the attendance sheet at the circulation desk at the beginning of the period and leave the pass at the desk.
  2. The Resource Center is for quiet study. Students must be respectful of all persons in the room.
  3. Reference materials do not circulate and must be used in the library.
  4. Students may borrow up to six (6) books for project work or independent reading. Books are checked out for two weeks and renewed if no one has reserved them.
  5. Students are responsible for all library books checked out in their name. The term “books” includes all library materials. An overdue fee of five cents will be charged for every school day* that a book is late (*excludes weekends, holidays, vacation days, snow days, full-day in-service days, absences due to extended illness). Overdue reminders are sent to students through their homeroom or subject teachers on a regular basis. Students who routinely have overdue books will be referred to the Dean and parents will be notified. Failure to comply may result in restriction of library borrowing privileges.
  6. If a book is lost or damaged, payment toward a replacement will be requested from the parent/guardian. If the student leaves the district, all books checked out in his/her name must be returned and fees paid before moving. Prior to graduation, all charges accrued during a student’s time at Hoosac Valley must be paid. Failure to return a book or resolve an outstanding balance may result in the student not being able to participate in senior activities.
  7. Computers are available for student use in the Resource Center. Printing is available for school purposes to all students. Inappropriate use of school computers may result in disciplinary measures, such as loss of computer privileges, detention, etc.